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Whether sudden or expected, the death of a loved one can bring feelings of grief and anguish at their loss. As if the emotional struggles aren’t enough, the family members tasked with planning and carrying out the funeral are thrust into the role of an event planner. That’s where a funeral home and cremations care provider in Clarksville, IN can truly be a great support. If you’re in the Kentuckiana area, Spring Valley Funeral Home & Cremation stands ready to help your family.


One of the primary choices to consider in the days following a death is whether to bury or cremate the remains of your fallen loved one. There are advantages to both options; it primarily comes down to what your family prefers. If the deceased left any preplanned funeral instructions, the decision might already have been made. But if not, then the choice is yours. As you thoughtfully consider the decision, here are some of the benefits of each type of disposition:


Benefits of a Traditional Funeral and Burial


A funeral and casket burial can be a memorable experience marking the closing of a life chapter and the opening of another. When planned and conducted well, a traditional funeral will serve as a memorial tribute to the life of the person that has passed away. Their life may be gone, but their memory will live on in the lives of those that shared in their story.


Funerals with traditional burial generally include a viewing or visitation, a funeral service, a procession, and graveside committal at the burial plot:


  • Visitation or Viewing: Grief counselors have long known the benefit of mourners seeing the mortal remains of their loved one. It confirms that death really has happened, helping them to begin to process their grief and loss. It is also an opportunity to say goodbye to the person whose body is laid before them. A further benefit of a viewing is the powerful sense of shared grief. No one who loved the fallen individual is alone in their pain and sorrow.

  • Funeral Service: Mourners attend funeral services to honor the life of their friend or family member that has died. The relationship they shared is important to them, and they wish to pay their last respects in death. Many people also attend a funeral service is to support the family of the deceased, even if they did not know them personally in life. The occasion is a ceremonial recounting of the life, character, achievements, challenges, and other positive attributes of the person who has passed on. It can include religious or non-religious elements depending on the world view of the family and deceased.

  • Procession: Transporting the casket to the place of burial is the primary purpose for a procession, but it can also be a show of respect to follow the hearse to the graveside. Although optional, the procession can be a prominent part of the service.

  • Graveside Committal Service: This part of the funeral and traditional burial service is sometimes an invitation-only experience, reserved for family and close friends. They gather at the grave for their final goodbyes, brief ceremonial readings, prayers, or other parting words. The casket may be lowered while those in attendance witness the burial of their loved one.


Benefits of Cremations in Clarksville, IN


Memorials are generally held when the body of the deceased will not be present. They serve the same purpose as a funeral home in Clarksville, IN. The ashes of the deceased can be present for the service. The primary benefits of cremations are practical, and include:


  • Lower Expense: It is cheaper to disposition the body of a loved one using flame and heat than it is to bury them in an expensive casket and burial plot.

  • Environmentally Gentle: If cremation will be done directly, there is no need to embalm the body, keeping these chemicals out of the earth. Casket metal, plastic, or other goods and materials are also not necessary when there is no body to bury.

  • Moveable: Ashes can be moved about as needed. In a modern society that is highly mobile, this benefit is important to those who wish to keep inurned ashes of their loved one at home, wherever they may live.

  • Options for Final Rest: Families have more choices when caring for the remains of their loved one. They can choose to place ashes in a columbarium niche, an urn garden, or scatter them in a sentimental location, where appropriate and legal.


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