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Burial Preplanning: Funeral Home and Cremations in Shepherdsville, KY


Death is often sudden and unexpected. When it happens, many people are unprepared for the emotional pain and struggle it can bring. To add salt to their wounds, their loved one often has no funeral or burial plan written down. This lack of preparation can leave people scrambling and feeling stressed to plan a meaningful tribute service for the deceased. Fortunately, there are quality funeral home and cremations providers in Shepherdsville, KY to help at the immediate point of need. However, prearranged services are always a better funeral experience for all involved.


In recent decades, more people have realized the importance of funeral planning. They consider it similar in priority to preparing their estate planning and last will. When done well, a prearranged funeral provides a clear roadmap for family and friends. It documents your wishes for death and burial. Preplanning is a thoughtful act of love that helps to minimize a heavy burden on your family. In fact, funeral prearrangements often prevent disagreements and discord among survivors.


Best Practices for Funeral Preplanning


When you make plans for your eventual death, look for a checklist preparation guide, as well as material that can help you to explore your innermost thoughts on the matter. A funeral home and cremations professional in Shepherdsville, KY can aid you in your planning efforts. You can ask them questions and voice any thoughts or concerns unique to your personal situation.


Start your planning by considering two of the primary questions that drive funeral planning:


  • How do you want your body to be cared for?

  • What type of tribute service would you like held in your honor?


As you begin to think on these questions, you’ll discover the variety of options and choices that they lead you to think on. For example, with respect to your deceased remains, do you wish to be casket buried? Or do you prefer cremation care? These questions may take some time to think about and decide on.


Once you know how your remains will be dispositioned, you can better plan the type of commemorative service you would appreciate. If your body is cremated, you can choose a memorial with your ashes present, a scattering ceremony in a place that is special to you, or a service at the location of your columbarium niche. You could also request that a funeral service be held before your cremation, with your body embalmed so that family and friends may come to say their last goodbyes. There are many good choice options. It is simply a matter of preference.


Prepaying for Funeral Home and Cremations Care in Shepherdsville, KY


One of the advantages of preplanning a funeral or memorial is the chance to prepay for your selected services in today’s prices. Once locked in, you avoid ongoing market increase and inflationary increase. Prepayment is not required, and you can still gain benefit from preplanning now.


Some people choose to preplan and gradually pay for the costs of their funeral services over time. For example, they may choose to buy their preferred burial plot today, then pay for a casket and funeral goods in 5 years. After additional time passes, they may choose to pay for venue rental, transportation use, etc. Before you buy, just be sure to ask detailed questions about your purchase:


  • What is included in your purchase?

  • What will be done with the prepaid money? Is it held in trust? Or a life insurance policy with a beneficiary to the funeral firm when you die?

  • What assurances and protections do you have if the cemetery or funeral firm goes out of business?

  • Can you cancel your purchase at some future day? Is there a cost for canceling?

  • If you move away, can the plan be transferred?


The benefit of waiting to prepay for a funeral service is that you don’t know what the future will bring. You may find yourself tied into a plan that you are not happy about if:


  • You move away

  • The funeral service business closes or changes ownership

  • Development around the cemetery makes it a less desirable area


However, there are very real benefits to pre-arrange and pay for your funeral or memorial. It gives people great peace of mind knowing they have everything in place to minimize the impact of their death on their family and friends. It’s a good idea to review your plan every few years so that you can update it. You should also tell your loved ones about the changes as you go.


Make Your Last Farewell a Meaningful One


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