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Making Decisions: Funeral Home and Cremations Care in New Albany, IN


Modern families are often looking to simplify things, and these days death and funeral care are no exception. The elaborate, traditional funerals and burials of yesteryear are being pared down to more manageable affairs with more unique personalization. Part of the shift in how funerals and memorials are being conducted includes the rise of funeral home cremations care in New Albany, IN. More than ever, people are choosing cremation as the method of caring for mortal remains, whether for a fallen loved one or for themselves.


But the choice between cremation care and traditional casket burial is a personal one, regardless of socially popular trends in end of life care. Today’s funeral service providers are versatile and capable of providing both kinds of dispositional care. When you consider the choice for yourself, which one do you feel is best for you? Not everyone chooses cremation. There is a lot of context around the decision that you’ll want to consider. Here are a handful of points to evaluate before you decide:


Family, Culture, and Tradition


There are family aspects that may influence your decision about the choice to cremate. While your own family may not have an expressed view one way or another, you may be aware of unwritten “rules” that members tend to live by. Is there anything in your family’s world view that would discourage you from choosing cremation?


The bonds that tie a family together are often stronger than many realize. If their opinion matters to you, discuss your thoughts with trusted family members to gain insight about your family’s views of cremation.


Looking outside of family norms, take note of your community’s cultural or traditional views about death and the body. Thinking on these details can be helpful to guide you toward a decision that works for you. You can speak with a trusted community leader, counselor, or another person that you think could provide insight.


Faith and World View


If you are a person that wishes to abide by the tenets of your faith, it’s a good idea to review any religious teachings about the care of the body in death. Many faith practices leave the choice up to the individual, others restrict cremation care, and others encourage or even require it. Talk with a leader of your faith about it, ask questions and discuss the matter until you gain the perspective you need.


If you are not a person of faith, or you have a more fluid view of your faith’s teaching on the subject, the decision whether to cremate or not is left to your best judgment and values.


Budget and Finances


Like most things subject to inflation and market dynamics, the cost of traditional funeral care is ever increasing. If budgetary constraints are a concern, you may find it more practical to choose a funeral home and cremations service in New Albany, IN. Of course, you can quickly increase the cost of a cremation with other add on services and amenities, so pay attention to whether this is really a defining point of your decision or not.


Pricing will also vary by change in location and state. Check your local market to determine whether cremations are actually cheaper in your area.


Environmental Considerations


For persons that are concerned about the well-being of the planet, cremation is oft considered to be less damaging to the earth than traditional burial care. If you choose a dispositional service style that is conducive, there is no need to embalm the body with toxic preserving chemicals. Cremation also avoids the cost of a large casket made of polluting materials. If you are motivated to alter the method by which you or a loved one are dispositioned in death, consider whether cremation is the right choice. You can also look for natural or “green” burial options, as an additional burial alternative.


Personal Reflections


Dying and the death process lead to the natural processes of decomposition and a return of the body to basic elemental states. You can hasten the process by using flame and heat to accomplish the same purpose. But for some people, it’s not a comfortable idea to think of their own body, or the body of a fallen loved one, being cremated. You’ll want to reflect on it as you weigh the decision carefully.


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