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Common Questions about Funeral Homes and Cremations in Louisville, KY


Because death is often a taboo topic to talk about, many people don’t have a lot of understanding about death and dying, or the industry that supports families when it occurs. Most funeral homes and cremation care providers in Louisville, KY will take the time to answer questions as they arise, but all too often they are limited on time or details they can provide.


At Spring Valley Funeral Home & Cremation, we know the importance of answering our patron’s sincere questions. When you work with our firm, you’ll feel welcomed as you make your inquiries about the processes and services you may need. No question is too foolish to ask.


Here are several common questions we address in our practice:


My Family Member Has Died. What Should I Do?


This depends on where and how death has occurred. If they passed away at home, call your local emergency services to inform them. If needed, the police and emergency care staff may request a coroner’s officer to come to the place of death. Their work will confirm the medical examiner’s pronouncement of death is legal.


If death occurs in a care facility with medical staff onsite, such as a hospital, hospice care, assisted living center, or similar location, you should call for the medical team right away. They will attend to the necessary details.


If the death was imminent and you’ve prearranged for funeral care, follow the funeral home’s instruction about who you should call after death has been confirmed: the funeral home, the police, or both. Some funeral homes will help you to fill out any needful paperwork.


Am I Required to Hire a Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Louisville, KY?


No, you are not required to hire a full-service funeral home for the funeral of your fallen loved one. Some families wish to oversee their care and burial directly. However, the funeral and burial must still be done in accordance with the law. The authorities must be notified before the remains can be removed from the place of death and all legal paperwork must be completed and filed correctly. If the family wishes to hold a viewing service, a funeral professional must be called on to embalm the body. Transporting the mortal remains must also be handled by a professional.


Is it Mandatory to Embalm the Body?


No, it is not mandated by the law in most cases. The exception is in matters of legality per the Federal Trade Commission or when families choose to hold a public viewing service. If you prefer not to embalm the body, you can choose to avoid public viewing and to bury the deceased person immediately. You can also choose simple cremation services.


We Can Save Money by Skipping Funeral or Memorial Services. Is That Appropriate?


No one can require you to spend the time and money to hold a tribute service for your deceased loved one. That said, the act of commemorating a life is very beneficial for those who grieve. Therapists have long understood the power of gathering together to honor the person who has died. Gathering together for a funeral or memorial provides individuals with a shared sense of loss. It gives them a place to express their feelings in a place where others feel the same way about what has happened. It also helps mourners to take in the fact that death really has happened, which helps them to move toward feelings of closure and to begin healing their grief.


Should the Deceased Be Cremated or Buried?


It’s a matter of preference. Both methods of dispositioning the body are appropriate options. Burial relies on the natural process of decomposition, while cremation accelerates this process with heat and flame. The end result is a return of the body to the earth.


People choose one option over another for a variety of reasons, such as cost, environmental concern, faith tenets, family tradition, etc.


I Need Financial Help to Pay for Funeral Care. Is There Any Support Available?


Yes, there is financial aid for funerals and cremations in Louisville, KY, provided that you qualify. You can check with the following institutions and entities:

  • Social Security Administration, Department of Veteran Affairs, State Fund - Inquire about any eligible entitlements for you or the deceased.

  • Insurance Provider – Find out if there are any insurance policies in effect with coverage for a funeral or other related costs

  • Charity Organizations – Check with a church or religious group, and non-profits


You may also consider cremation services since it is less expensive than casket burial.


Caring for Community: The Kentuckiana Way


Our competent professionals at Spring Valley Funeral Home & Cremation are a simple phone call away. If you have additional questions or concerns, call us for a caring conversation about how we can help with your funeral home and cremations care needs in Louisville, KY. Our local funeral home is at 719 E Chestnut St Louisville, KY 40202. Call us today at (502) 742-8016.



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